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What is a GREEN Hotel?

“Green” hotels are environmentally friendly properties that take the initiative and implement very important practices and programs to reduce energy, water, and waste. Green Hotels are participating in recycling programs, linen changing programs, installing energy efficient lighting, and getting their message out to their guests and how they are doing their part in protecting the planet.

How you can help encourage hotels to go GREEN

If you wish to encourage hotels you stay at to implement these practices, consider printing this information and leaving it at the front desk or mailing it in. 

1.) Start a linen (both towels and sheets) reuse programme in all guest rooms.

2.) Use compact fluorescent lighting. Use sensors and/or timers for areas that are infrequently used.

3.) Are your guestrooms using a low flow showerhead.

4.) Switch to low-flow toilets or installing toilet-tank fill diverters to save on energy and water.

5.) Provide guestroom recycler baskets/bins for newspaper, white paper, glass products, aluminum cans, cardboard, and plastics. Also provide recycling bins in public areas. Recycle programs

6.) Hotel amenities (ex: use refillable hair and skin care dispensers). Uses Bulk Soap and Toiletries (as opposed to individually wrapped).

7.) Apply window tint/film to reduce heating and cooling loads in guestrooms. 

8.) Install thermostats and heating/air-conditioning controllers in each room.

9.) Use recycled paper products that are either unbleached or bleached using a chlorine free process. ( ex: brochures, menus, comment cards, all hotel stationary products)

10.) Uses non-toxic, earth friendly cleaning agents.

11.) Replace old washing machines with both water and energy conserving models.

12.) If the hotel has a pool and/or hot tub, install a solar water heating system and use pool and hot tub covers when the pool area is closed.

13.) Provides guests with bicycles, walking maps, and information on public transportation.

14.) Provides reusable items such as cloth napkins, glass cups, ceramic dishes, etc. with all food and beverage services.

15.) Educates staff and/or guests about Greenness, by offering brochures and signs for guests to follow and learn about hotel practices.

Why Hotels should take steps to go green

As more and more hotels embrace going GREEN it is so important that they all get on the bandwagon. By reducing waste reduction, water and energy in a effort to be environmentally friendly is dramatic. Hotels should take the necessary steps for energy-saving cost-saving, water-saving and time-saving environmental practices wherever possible. The bottom line is hotels use up an enormous amount of energy, collect an enormous amount of waste, and use a tremendous amount or water don’t you think its time to conserve, recycle, and reduce the impact on our planet. 

Green Attractions

Top Canadian Hotels recognizing organizations, travel guides and green activities that are environmentally-friendly.
When traveling cut down on your carbon consumption by participating in local area with green activities. Check out the area by walking, renting a bike or using the local public transportation.  Search out the local parks, National Parks, walk the city, canoe or kayak, windsurf, go for a bike ride, visit local shops, galleries and museums. 

If you see any litter please pick it up and remember, “Try to leave nothing but a footprint in your travels’’.


Green Attractions and Activities greenleaf
Top Canadian Hotels recognizing organizations, travel guides and green activities that are environmentally-friendly.
Help us promote travel by cutting down on the carbon consumption by participating in local area with green activities. Contact us if you have a green business you wish to add to our growing eco-friendly activities.


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Watch for the green leaf for eco-friendly lodging and travel destinations, committed to minimizing their impact on the environment.
Taking a green approach to travel is an easy and essential way to protect the places you love to visit.
We offer many green travel tips that will help to reduce your carbon footprint considerably.greenleaf
Join us in supporting the environment.

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